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Used Yang Lathes for sale - Yang Lathes

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Added.. 12 March 2012
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Used Yang Lathes for sale - Yang Lathes...

Used Yang Lathes for sale - Yang Lathes

Find Used Yang Lathes for sale here on MTD...click here

Used Yang lathes are for sale on MTD, Yang lathes are high precision machines that provide engineers with the equipment to produce precision turned parts. Yang Lathes are for sale from many different lathe dealers around the UK. If you are looking for a used Yang lathe you can search MTD for it. MTD lists all the current UK stock of used Yang lathes using its innovative trawler system. If there's no used Yang lathes for sale on MTD, then there's none for sale in the UK.

Used Yang lathes come in varying sizes, the machines can be used as chucking lathes and bar fed lathes, so if you're looking to produce batch turned parts then a barfeed may assist. If it's just simple one-off prototype machining then a used chucking Yang lathe may be in order.

Used Yang lathes will come as either straight 2 axis lathes, 3 axis (which includes c axis and driven tools), 4 axis which includes a y axis and 5 axis which includes a sub spindle. Used Yang lathes will not be cheap as this brand of lathes is premium quality. Some models that are popular include the below

Yang SL10
Yang SL20
Yang SL30
Yang SL40
Yang SL50

Other options you may wish to consider when purchasing a used Yang lathe are high pressure coolant for deep hole drilling, programmble tailstock for securing turned parts whilst machining, swarf management systems and swarf conveyors assisting in swarf clearance, filtration to eliminate mist and coolant contaminants and a bar feed unit or bar puller if you're looking to turn production parts.

Used Yang lathes have a reputation for reliability, this is very important when looking to operate lights out machining and trying to meet customers demands. In this ever-increasingly competitive manufacturing market it is critical to make sure you have reliable machinery, Yang lathes will be as good as any, you can find many case studies on MTD that show engineers that have had successes using this brand of lathes.

When you buy a used Yang lathe you will need to install and maintain the machine correctly, you can use the OEM but often it is better to source this service from a lower cost third party. The are many service businesses throughout the UK that can install, haul, locate and service used Yang lathes.

Another area of the machine that you need to pay attention to is the control system, most used Yang lathes are operated by a Fanuc control, this would represent 9 out of 10 machines, however there are other options which include Siemens, Heidenhain and other Hybrid systems. Fanuc controls on Yang lathes are popular, common and easy to program, equally are Siemens.

Make sure you make the right choice when looking for a used Yang lathe, search MTD and find the best deals.

Find used Yang lathes for sale here on MTD...click here

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