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Rainford Precision


Since 1991, Rainford Precision Machines have supplied the precision engineering industry in the UK and Ireland with machines and cutting tools of the highest calibre. Our passion for precision engineering shines through in our knowledge of our tooling range and its applications.

We regularly investigate machining problems presented by machine users, propose manufacturing solutions and methods, and provide expert advice – keeping our customers at the forefront of technology.

Rainford Precision are proud to represent high quality tooling manufacturers and our experience in both the micro machining and tool manufacturing industries gives us ideal knowledge to supply market-leading cutting tools, including high precision end mills, through coolant drills, boring bars, taps, threadmills and reamers. We have the confidence to recommend the perfect product for any given application based on speciality, performance, and value.

With a huge range of tooling and ISO 9001 quality accreditation, Rainford Precision are a widely trusted industry supplier in precision machining.

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