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Zoller UK


ZOLLER measurement solutions provide you with complimentary technologies which are guaranteed to improve tooling precision that in turn will better your performance resulting in perfected products- not to mention incredible savings in time and money. 

Our world-leading tool presetters and measurement systems offer micron precision tool setting carried out completely offline and separate to your machining processes ensuring your production line is uninterrupted. As the UK representative of ZOLLER in the UK and Ireland, we not only deliver the most advanced tool presetters and measurement equipment, but also deliver uncompromising excellence in service and support to all of our customers. 

ZOLLER UK have a dedicated team of highly-trained industry experts on hand to support you, with ISO9001:2015 accreditation, our service and applications engineers deliver the highest standards of service and support to meet the needs of our customers. Offering machine installation and training as well as software training, support and service packages to enable you to maximise your productivity and ensure optimal product performance.

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