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Laser Cutting machine from Trumpf

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Added.. 26 December 2009
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Laser Cutting machine from Trumpf...

The Trulaser 1030 from Trumpf will be exhibited at In-Tech 2009.

The Trulaser 1030 is an entry-level laser cutting machine that is easy to operate and space saving according to Trumpf.

Due to the laser cutting machines small footprint of 25m2 and its low weight properties, machine shops can accomodate it with a floor thickness of just 100mm. There is no need to strengthen foundations or drill holes for floor anchors. As a result, the transition between the machine being delivered and installed for production is minimal.

Simple operation is key to this model and it introduces a special concept that allows the customer to choose between 'beginner' and 'professional' levels. For those new to the technology, the touch panel only shows the keys that are needed for fast component cutting. The user is guided through the programme with technology tables running automatically in the background.

At the professional level, the operator has the option of adapting all of the technology values. With integrated workshop programming, the user can move from the geometry file to the finished laser cutting programme in just five steps.

The Trulaser 1030 combines a rugged drive system and machine construction with a Trumpf Trucoax 2kW diffusion-cooled RF laser resonator to provide a complete laser cutting system.

The resonator itself is highly compact and has very low gas consumption.

The Trulaser 1030 can cut mild steel in thicknesses up to 15mm using a simultaneous axis speed of 85m/min.

The Trulaser 1030 can also be used as an inexpensive training machine, added Trumpf.

  • Laser Cutting machine from Trumpf

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