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HK3D Solutions Introduces the 'Pro' for the 3D Print Market

HK3D Solutions Introduces the 'Pro' for the 3D Print Market

Added to MTDCNC by HK 3D Solutions Ltd on 07 July 2015

If you are manufacturer with a perception that 3D printing is solely for the design and prototype arena, HK3D Solutions now has the machine to dispel these misconceptions with its new ProX 950 Stereo-lithography (SLA®) Production Printer from 3D Systems.

The new ProX 950 Stereo-lithography (SLA) Production Printer from HK3D Solutions enables manufacturers to take on more projects and generate components faster with the largest-format, highest-speed, greatest accuracy and most efficient 3D printer available. The ProX 950 provides the end user with revolutionary new ways to quickly manufacture precise plastic parts and forgo the design limitations of CNC machine tools or injection moulding processes.

The ProX 950 is equipped with the company's newest PolyRay print head technology that can manufacture parts at up to 10 times the speed of other 3D printers. In addition, the machine utilises the widest choice of proven high-performance engineered materials that are qualified for the most demanding aerospace, medical device and industrial use-cases. This makes the ProX 950 a flexible and versatile option for the manufacturing and design industry.

The innovative new 3D production printer can produce extremely accurate parts with precision levels that rivals CNC machining. Additionally, the component diversity ranges from extremely small parts through to components that can fill the 1500 by 750 by 550mm work envelope. With productivity, accuracy and surface quality of this level, you can produce low to medium run parts at a lower cost per unit whilst creating large and highly detailed pieces faster.

The application range of the ProX 950 includes prototypes, end-use parts, clear parts, medical models, casting patterns, rapid tooling, injection moulds, cast urethane (UTV) mould patterns and fixtures.

Commenting upon the new machine that is bringing 3D Systems' benchmark technology to the UK shores, HK3D Solutions Managing Director, Mr Steven Wilcox says: ‘’The ProX™ 950 is a marquee 3D production printer that has groundbreaking features that will deliver unparalleled benefits and results to the customer. Furthermore, end users can rest assured that by employing this next generation technology from 3D Systems, they will receive training, service and technical support from HK3D Solutions that is beyond the response and expertise levels of any other 3D printing machine vendor.’’

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