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Arc welding is becoming even more efficient

Arc welding is becoming even more efficient

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 13 June 2016

The new ARC Mate 100iD welding robot is the first model in a whole new ARC Mate generation. Successor of the well-known and appreciated predecessor ARC Mate 100iC/12, is the first of several new variants that will progressively be released in the market. One of the first prototype of the new robot has just been introduced at the International Welding Show in Osaka in April 2016.

The European premiere of this new welding robot will be at Automatica in June. Sales to customers are expected to be launched within the end of this year.

ARC Mate 100iD:

The ARC Mate 100iD will reach higher axis speeds, for more productivity and higher throughput the new ARC Mate robot will feature new fully integrated welding hosepack and utility cables routing through robot arm and body to minimize downtime and optimize their life span. The payload continues to be 12kg as the best reference in its class – not just sufficient for typical welding torches but also for additional toolings and tasks. The new robot will feature a larger workspace, reach and stroke, even in the backflip area, allowing customers to benefit from bigger working range. In addition to its axis speeds highest in its class, the new ARC Mate 100iD has improved rigidity and repeatability for more precise applications.

An important feature of ARC Mate 100iD is the seamless integration of arc welding equipment, including improved wire feed drive installation allowing the design of more compact welding cells with less interference with peripheral equipment. While the developers describe the new design as "smart", actual customers will practically appreciate the many new functionalities including smooth surfaces to reduce to the bare minimum the collection of dirt and spatters and keeping maintainability of the robot and welding utilities very high.

Like all FANUC robots, the ARC Mate 100iD will be able to support many intelligent functions such as built-in iRVision system, a broad range of Arc Welding software options as well as dedicated safety functions such as DCS. Last but not least the Roboguide offline simulation PC tool helps boosting the cell design and improve its engineering.

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