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Flexible new turning centres from ROMI
Flexible new turning centres from ROMI
Flexible new turning centres from ROMI

Flexible new turning centres from ROMI

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 10 June 2014

To deliver extensive work flexibility for multiple turning applications with several chucks and toolholders configurations, Romi is now offering its new C Series of CNC turning centres. This new line is the epitome of versatility as it is ideal for machining different types of parts with great power levels, speed, movement and machining precision.

The diverse new line of turning centre is available in a number of variants that include the Romi C420, C510, C620, C680, C830 and C1000. All model numbers that identify the swing over the bed dimensions. The machines are equipped with a Siemens Sinumerik 828D CNC that delivers high performance programming, operation and machining simulation resources.

This line of precision and flexible turning centres can accommodate the diverse demands of the marketplace with dimensions to suit most manufacturers. These dimensions include a centre height from 215 to 510, a distance between centres from 1 to 3m, a swing over cross slide from 200 to 700mm, AC motor power from 7.5 to 30kW and spindle speeds from 1 to 4000rpm depending upon the machine selected.

Taking the flexibility of this range of machines a step further, Romi can also offer its Romi Manual Machining Package (RMMP) that allows simple operations to be completed without any type of programming. It is as simple to use as an Engine Lathe but with the added capability and productivity of a CNC Lathe. By using the RMMP mode, the operator can machine parts in manual mode using the hand-wheels and also produce in automatic mode (joystick and start cycle). Furthermore, the operator can also fill in the fields on the CNC screen to select spindle speed, feeds, cutting depth, coordinates and angles.

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