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Cylindrical welding seams easy with FANUC

Cylindrical welding seams easy with FANUC

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 26 June 2015

Renowned as the benchmark in automation technology, FANUC has now released its new Arc welding software called 'Stationary Tracking'. The philosophy behind this new software is to enable components to be rotated beneath the robot whilst it remains in a stationary position.

The FANUC 'Stationary Tracking' software package has been developed for the welding of cylindrical components and will enable the complete automation of seam welded round assemblies whilst improving precision, consistency and removing the human error element. For manufacturers in the medium to high volume production of cylindrical parts such as fire extinguishers, water/chemical cylinders, pipe-work, small pressure vessels and even lamp-posts, the new stationary tracking software can deliver remarkable cost reductions and quality improvements.

The innovative new system scans the welding joint and then measures the gap, area and any mismatches to create user defined variables. Providing the welding joint is within the user specified parameters, FANUC's stationary tracking software will calculate an algorithm based on parameters such as voltage, trim, wire feed and travel speed, weave amplitude, frequency, dwell and TCP position to generate a consistent high quality weld.

The FANUC robot and stationary tracking software require a third party laser tracking system to track the weld joint. This tracking laser communicates with the software and the robot, so the robot only makes small vertical and lateral compensation adjustments. The dominant and rotating motion is conducted by the leading/positioning carrier of the component and not the FANUC robot.

The FANUC stationary tracking software incorporates 'Multi Pass Welding with Root Pass memorisation' and Weaving support feature that permits the processing of thick and thin gauge welding that is supported by an 'On-The-Fly' Function for stationary welding. This gives the customer improved weld seam quality that can quickly be optimized through intuitive and fast programming features that have been created for high productivity environments.

In addition, the FANUC stationary tracking suite supports one and 2-axis positions. This permits complex parts to be welded in one arc welding cycle, which results in high quality seams and high productivity output. For further details on how the Fanuc stationary tracking package can enhance your cylindrical welding processes, please contact your nearest Fanuc engineer via http://www.fanuc.eu

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