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Fastems show deburring cell at EMO 2015
Fastems show deburring cell at EMO 2015

Fastems show deburring cell at EMO 2015

Added to MTDCNC by Fastems on 22 December 2015

During MTD's trip to the EMO exhibition in Milan, we took a look at the innovative deburring cell from Fastems. The groundbreaking cell at Europe's leading manufacturing exhibition was working in synergy with a 7-axis Fanuc robot that had a deburring tool and high speed spindle at the end of the robot arm.


Available with the option of alternate robot configurations, the cell at EMO was demonstrating how the Fastems system could deburr holes as a stand-alone unit. As always, Fastems provides the option of integrating the cell into a palletised production environment that will work with any machine tool and production cell configuration. This flexibility is available credit to the Fastems software solution that can work in synergy with the machine, the robot and the pallet system, which can all be closely monitored by a CCTV camera system. 


What really impressed the MTD team was the ability to configure the system with an FPC, so a raw billet can be inserted in the machine tool, it is then machined, de-burred, inspected and ready for shipping to the customer without the need for human intervention. So, if you're interested in reducing your production costs, improving your productivity and quality control, then it may be time to take a look at what Fastems can offer your business..


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