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Delcam launches 2015 release of DentMILL dental milling software

Delcam launches 2015 release of DentMILL dental milling software

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 06 January 2015

Delcam has launched the 2015 release of its DentMILL software for the milling of dental implant restorations with a series of enhancements to save time and reduce the chance of programming errors.   This latest version provides a new mechanism for identifying and creating machining features from imported CAD data, an improved interface for the library manager and the ability to provide 3D previews of imported parts.  It also benefits from the latest enhancements in Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system on which it is based.


DentMILL is an open dental CAM solution, which can mill all types of restoration, including crowns, bridges and implants, from all major dental CAD systems on the market.  It includes advanced strategies to mill restorations in any material from PMMA to titanium both quickly and accurately in clinics, laboratories or milling centres.  The system uses dental imagery and terminology, making it easy for dental technicians to use even if they have limited experience of machining.


Milling templates are supplied with the software covering a wide range of materials, including titanium, cobalt-chrome and glass ceramics.  These allow highly-tailored automated generation of toolpaths.  Of course, users can also develop their own templates for any additional materials that they machine.


The new method for identifying features within imported CAD models will speed up the programming of implant interfaces, bar attachments or any other special geometry on a restoration or dental bar.  It has been made easier to position workplanes to fix the orientation of the restoration, to identify prismatic geometry within the implant, such as cylinders or cones, and then to generate milling or drilling routines from the appropriate template.


The library manager within DentMILL allows users to develop and edit libraries of material stock, fixtures and NC machines.  These libraries form part of the stock-management system that allows the user to only select sizes of material block that are currently in stock and that are suitable for the specified machine fixture, so saving time and eliminating possible errors.  The new interface makes it easier to add extra items, such as a partly-used block of material or a new piece of equipment, to the library.


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