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Ellesco Polishes up With New Timesavers 81 Series
Ellesco Polishes up With New Timesavers 81 Series

Ellesco Polishes up With New Timesavers 81 Series

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 02 October 2014

With the ever increasing consumption of alloys and super alloys in the manufacturing sector, Ellesco can now offer its new Timesavers 81 Series of transverse grinding machines for the surface finishing of such materials. Developed specifically for the calibrating and tolerance grinding of steel, stainless steel, titanium, molybdenum, inconel, hastelloy and other difficult to process materials, the Timesavers 81 now provides the perfect solution.


This innovative new abrasive belt machine is a revelation for manufacturers that demand high precision tolerance bands yet simultaneously require high speed surface finishing with astounding surface roughness levels.  The Timesavers 81 Series is available with table widths from 600mm to 2.6m and can achieve full stock removal in one pass over the complete width of the machine bed. Not only can the machine remove the required stock in a single pass, it can also remove material down to precision levels of 0.2mm in one pass.


This precision is highlighted by the Timesavers 81 Series ability to work to tolerances of +/-0.01mm over the complete width of the component/bed with the ability to provide ultra fine surface finishes down to a surface roughness of less than Ra0.2 microns. The ability to meet these high precision levels across the full bed width and length is impressive considering the bed options go up to 2.6m wide with bed lengths from 1.5 to 6m.


The ability to obtain high precision and surface finish levels is credit to a number of features that include an endless abrasive belt for large part production that is securely fixed, a programmable screen control unit and a centralised lubrication system for the high speed bearings. In addition, the wet working machine incorporates a motorised table opening adjustment and a high powered vacuum bed that enables the end user to clamp most material types with confidence.


With flexibility built into all aspects of the Timesavers 81 Series, the new machine has removable spray nozzles to improve maintenance whilst quick change clamping allows the customer to conduct a tool change in seconds. This rapid tool change system minimises set-up times and non-production times for the customer.


Keeping maintenance to a minimum, Timesavers has also integrated the automatic paper filtration system to ensure that machine cleaning and the removal of dust ingress is an extremely simplistic task. In essence, the new Timesavers 81 Series is an extremely productive surface finishing machine that can exceed customer quality and precision expectations whilst keeping running and maintenance costs to a minimum.

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