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Flexible Manufacturing Suitable for Everyone...
Flexible Manufacturing Suitable for Everyone...

Flexible Manufacturing Suitable for Everyone...

Added to MTDCNC by Fastems on 22 December 2015

Our MTD crew recently had a demonstration of a Flexible Pallet Container (FPC) system from Fastems....and the potential for this technology is truly mind-blowing. We spoke with Fastem's Service Manager Mr Jonne Riikonen for a bit more insight...


The FPC that we looked at was a system with a maximum pallet load of 1000kg. However, the Fastem's range is available from 750kg to over 7000kg. As Mr Riikonen told MTD: ‘’The FPC is one of our entry level products that is a modular solution. This means that we can put up to 3 systems together and each can work with a single machine tool.’’


The true innovation behind the Fastems solution is the software system, as  Mr Riikonen continues: ‘’The software takes care of your production in the most simple of ways. You just need to simply tell the system what you are producing and how you will produce it, and the system will take care of the rest. The Fastems system will automatically calculate where the pallet needs to go, when and with which programs. It will also inform the user of how long you can run with unmanned hours. This unmanned production is a key element for many of our customers. This is because some companies run different pallet configurations and shift patterns where there may be no staff working at night.’’


"The system can work with the business, as some companies prefer an operator conducting machining whereas others utilise operators in a loading and un-loading capacity. The system allows just one operator to run up to 3 machine tools for up to 24 hours a day. With regards to production, our aim is to run to 8760 hours, which is 24/7 every day of the year. This is why 8760 is part of our branding. Technically, this is never possible with tool changes, machine breakdowns and maintenance and other factors. But we can achieve well over 90% machine utilisation."

At EMO, Fastems were drawing customers attention to its new 'Plus' system. This allows modular solutions to incorporate special features to meet the needs of the customer. This works in synergy with the MLS products that are more customised to the demands of specific applications. 


 When eluding to who the system is suitable for, Mr Riikonen said: "An FPC is suitable for everyone that wants to take the first step into automation. Obviously a study is conducted in every case and sometimes an FPC isn't the right product and we may downgrade the product according with requirements. We have some collaborations with aerospace, automotive, motorsport companies and even the everyday small business, which highlights the flexibility of our system. 

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