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KASTOtec AM4 and AM5 HIGH-SPEED Bandsaw for aluminium

KASTOtec AM4 and AM5 HIGH-SPEED Bandsaw for aluminium

Added to MTDCNC by Kasto on 10 September 2014

A high-speed bandsawing machine has been introduced by KASTO specifically for cutting aluminium and light alloys efficiently.  Band speed of the KASTOtec AM4 and AM5 is up to 1,500 m/min, more than three times higher than the 450 m/min provided on the previous A4 and A5 Alu models.

To ensure accurate cutting at high band speeds, the drive wheels have been carefully balanced and the central lubrication extends also to the roller bearings guiding the blade.  Electronic motor braking rapidly decelerates the speed of the 6,830 / 7,675 mm x 34 mm x 1.1 mm blade (AM4 / AM5) to help shorten production cycle times.  Two high-speed chip brushes constantly keep the blade free from chips and spray mist lubricant is employed, rather than flow coolant.

The whole of the working area is totally enclosed for operator safety, with timed interlocks on the doors to safeguard against premature access while the band is slowing or in the event of blade breakage.

KASTOtec bandsaws, which are at the high performance end of the German manufacturer’s range, are available in the UK through subsidiary company, KASTO Ltd, Southampton.  The dedicated aluminium cutting machines share the same high quality, one-piece construction as all KASTOtec bandsaws and include polymer concrete in the saw head to dampen vibrations, twin column guides, and linear slideways to prevent stick-slip.  Cut length indexing accuracy of ± 0.1 mm is achieved by ballscrew actuating the feed vice stroke.

Immediately when entering and exiting a cut, feed parameters are backed off to minimise vibration, thus improving blade life.  Rapid approach and retraction speeds reduce non-productive and cycle times further.

The latest generation of KASTOtec machines utilise the new touch screen control unit called 'Basic Control', which is capable of storing up to 98 orders with cut length and number of pieces per order.  After entering the required order, and by activating the function button '0 position', a laser measures the bar end and feeds the material forward into the required first cut length position, thus avoiding a trim cut and saving valuable production time.

Early production trials have been carried out using a KASTOtec AM5 at a UK customer site, cutting medium strength 6082 aluminium, the most common general engineering alloy in the UK.  With a Wikus 1.4-2 tpi carbide-tipped blade running at 1,250 m/min, a 180 mm diameter bar was cut in just 14 seconds to a parallelism of 120 microns.  An average blade life of seven to eight days is currently being achieved in this production environment.
The production capability of this high speed machine allows for a theoretical cutting time of 35 seconds through a 400 mm diameter round bar of the same material.


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