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ITC brings high speed spindles to automation applications
ITC brings high speed spindles to automation applications

ITC brings high speed spindles to automation applications

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 23 June 2014

The motor mount series of air turbine motors has now been extended to offer a line of new spindles that can be retrofitted to robots, machining centres, drilling machines and turning centres. Available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the new motor mount series can improve precision, feed rates and cycle times for all machine tools and industrial robotic applications.

The unparalleled flexibility of the new 700 Series of motor mount spindles delivers the benefits of high speed machining to all machine types and in particular robotic cells that require milling, drilling and even component marking capability. Specifically for the retrofitting to automation cells and robotic devices, ITC is now offering the new 725JSL Series of shank mounted deburring motors. The 725JSL line is available in three designations with a governed speed of 30000, 40000 and 50000rpm with a respective power rating of 0.4, 0.45 and 0.5hp.

Like all spindles from Air Turbine Tools, the 725JSL motor mount spindle requires minimal maintenance, as the oil-free spindle has greased packed bearings that work with a turbine drive that has only two moving parts to eliminate wear that is created by friction parts. With no vanes and no gears, heat generation is minimised and therefore the spindle requires no maintenance.

With an inlet air pressure of 90PSI, the efficient design of the 725JSL spindle reduces compressed air consumption by 30%. This efficient design ensures the spindle reaches maximum speed with no warm-up cycle. Furthermore, the fully enclosed steel barrel case and shank limits the noise level to less than 67dBA. The benefit for the end user is a system that requires no lubrication, no control units and most importantly no maintenance.

Ideal for deburring and milling with small tools, the 725JSL has a maximum tool shank capacity of 6mm. By increasing the speed beyond the realm of alternate spindles, the 725JSL can drastically improve cycle times and also improve surface finishes and tool life by operating at optimal speeds.

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