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Fastems Can Improve Machine Productivity by Over 60%
Fastems Can Improve Machine Productivity by Over 60%

Fastems Can Improve Machine Productivity by Over 60%

Added to MTDCNC by Fastems on 22 December 2015

It is acknowledged that to not only remain competitive, but to excel, companies have to embrace automation technology. Taking this into account, the MTD team spoke with Pablo Liechti, an Area Manager for Okuma Machine Tools to get the insight from a machine tool vendor's perspective..


Mr Liechti told MTD: ‘’Fastems are a world leader in automation and in all the key industry sectors such as aerospace and automotive and they are very well known. This is why we at Okuma have a very close relationship with Fastems.  The idea behind the container system is not just the pallet but the software, which completely manages the job for the end user. It will automatically prioritise the pallets and parts, monitor the machine tool and the average life expectancy of the cutting tools. If something happens mid-cycle, it will remove the pallet and move on to the next job. This allows the machine to run overnight unmanned and earning money for the customer.’’


‘’The flexibility allows the customer to change their priorities continually to maximise productivity. The system will always deliver on-time production for the end user. We at Okuma can see that if a manufacturer utilises a system from Fastems, they can easily increase their productivity by 50-60%. One of the biggest Fastems systems that I know of, contains over 500 pallets that are linked to more than 12 machines. Even with such a vast system, Fastems can control the raw material and combine it with the correct pallet and workholding configuration to make sure the operator only has to load and un-load parts.’’


With such expansive systems working in harmony with Okuma machine tools and extending the productivity beyond that of a machine tool working alone, its little surprise that Pablo from Okuma was more than happy to endorse the flexibility and automation capabilities of Fastems.

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