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LMT Nanomold Red technology for mould and die applications

LMT Nanomold Red technology for mould and die applications

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 26 June 2014

To improve machining performance for the mould & die sector, LMT Tools has now developed its innovative new Nanomold Red coating for its indexable insert cutting tools. Nanomold Red is a new coating development that is specifically for the finish machining of hot and cold worked steel, cast steel and hardened materials up to 65HRc.

Incorporating a four layered structure, the Nanomold Red delivers excellent coating adhesion while dissipating the heat to extend tool life and minimise wear. The four layers include a newly developed bonding layer that creates a soft transition from the carbide substrate to the coating to improve adhesion and minimise tool breakages. Upon this is the first core layer that is responsible for giving thermal insulation. This creates a low natural level of stress on the insert and delivers improved impact resistance.

On top of the two base layers is the second 'core layer'. This addition creates a resistance to abrasive wear and enables high process stability, especially when finish machining. The high red hardness of this layer makes it ideal for dry or MQL machining. The final and top layer consists of a red shimmering with an application immediately recognisable. This enables the operator to easily identify wear whilst its low coefficient of friction delivers flawless surface finishes and minimises built-up edges.

The benefit of this new Nanomold Red series of insert coatings is improved tool life, absolute process reliability, high impact strength and its ability to perform well when conducting dry machining with mould & die materials.

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