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ETG Offers Flexible Automation for the Entire Workshop With New Halter System
ETG Offers Flexible Automation for the Entire Workshop With New Halter System

ETG Offers Flexible Automation for the Entire Workshop With New Halter System

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 26 January 2016

MTDCNC recently visited the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) to discuss its new automation system with Steve Brown, ETG's Product Development Manager. Steve wanted to show us the potential for this new retrofit item that can improve productivity for the masses. Here's what Steve had to show us...

The Halter automation system that is now available from ETG can be applied to any machine tool, and not just products from the ETG stable. The system consists of a robot loading cell with pallet loading that supports lights-out machining. Steve showed us a robot cell in action that was being given its final sign-off before delivery to a customer. Discussing why the customer opted for the Halter system, Steve told us: 'The customer wanted this system for lights-out production on their 5-axis machining centre. The result will be the elimination of a continuously manned machine whereby the customer will only need someone to load and unload the pallet system occasionally, as it has the capacity for large quantities of work.'

With regard to the dimensions and capacities of the Halter system, Steve told MTD: 'The Halter is very user friendly and it has the option for seven variants of pallet. It is fully conversational, so when a customer changes from one part to the next, they have just three variables to enter. The pallet system can range from o to 230mm diameter, so the customer has to just input the height, width and overall size of the block and the robot will take care of everything else. With regard to weight, the system has two variants. The heavier duty system will accept parts up to 200kg.'

Eluding to the control system, Steve told us: 'The robot takes care of everything. All the machine has to do is fire an M-Code, from this the robot will pick and place the parts and remove finished components. the machine door is automatically opened and closed also. As a turnkey project, ETG will look after the complete solution.'

Concluding on the flexibility of the new Halter system, Steve told MTD: 'The Halter system can be moved around on a 'dolly trolley' from one machine to another.   There are zero point pads under the system, so it can be moved efficiently around the shop floor. To highlight the flexibility, the Halter can be unplugged, moved to another machine and connected and as the programs are pre-loaded, the only thing a customer may need to do is change grippers or the pallet plates, but that is about it. It can be set on an alternate machine in minutes.'

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