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FANUC launches CR-35iA green collaborative robot
FANUC launches CR-35iA green collaborative robot

FANUC launches CR-35iA green collaborative robot

Added to MTDCNC by FANUC UK Ltd on 19 May 2015

FANUC has now launched a new green  collaborative robot, the CR-35iA. Developed in line with market demands, the new CR-35iA is the next generation of safe and smart manufacturing solutions based on industrial robots.

FANUC UK based in Coventry believes that the interaction of human operator and industrial robots are of fundamental importance and to this end, the FANUC collaborative robot has been created to work in harmony with a human operator. Providing a much higher practical payload than that of existing products and prototypes in the market, the CR-35iA contributes to reducing total costs of manufacturing systems with intelligent value engineering robot technology.

Available in the UK since April 2015, the CR-35iA is 100% designed and manufactured at their manufacturing facilities in Japan with some features in common with other products to ensure ease-of-use and enhanced system integration. To this end, the CR-35iA is based on the standard FANUC Servo Drive & Control Platform with the programming language and operation being the same as existing standard FANUC robots.

For FANUC, the development of the CR-35iA is the next logical step, incorporating innovative features such as the FANUC iRVision, the Force Sensor for assembly and deburring  applications and the Dual Check Safety with its own hardware and software. From a technical perspective the new robot has a maximum payload up to 35kg whilst its speed has been controlled within safety regulations to be installed beside a human operator. As a collaborative robot with TUV certification and also certified to ISO:10218-1, the FANUC CR-35iA only stops when an operator touches it (or if working at increased speed when the light curtain is activated), this enables it to get closer to the jig or workpiece.

Designed and manufactured to incorporate FANUC's industry leading controls, mechanical build configuration and software, the primary development parameters of the new CR-35iA are to work collaboratively with people, as a human safe robot can be used to increase efficiency by offloading non-value added work content from the human to the robot.  This reduces system costs, as a human safe robot system does not require the cost & space of traditional robot guarding. Furthermore, it finally allows the operation of industrial robots in applications that would have previously been off-limits in the past due to lack of safe human proximity of traditional robots. This new generation of 'human safe robot' provides a new engineering tool for addressing ergonomic and quality issues where traditional automation has not been feasible in the past.

With regard to target sectors, FANUC will be aiming at manufacturers involved in areas that could utilise a handling assistant for high payloads, assembly and component feeding production lines and even workpiece loading/unloading for machine tools without the need for a safety fence.

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