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NTK Finishes Competition With New Turning Grade

NTK Finishes Competition With New Turning Grade

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 27 March 2015

Finish turning applications for the aerospace sector have now been taken to a new level with the new Bidemic line of inserts from NTK. The company's new JP2 turning grade is capable of machining at 15 times the speed of high-end carbide insert grades.

The new series of coated multi-tipped brazed inserts are capable of running at a surface speed in excess of 500m/min taking aerospace turning into a new era. When compared to market leading CBN grades the JP2 provides superior wear and notching resistance whilst delivering superior surface finishes. Whereas many ceramic grades have historically witnessed edge chipping when finish cutting inconel, the new JP2 delivers astounding tool life and consistency.

Suitable for machining at cutting depths of 0.1 to 3mm on heat resistant alloys such as Inconel, Rene, Waspalloy, Hastalloy and 718 Stainless, the JP2 has been developed for ultra high speed cutting. From a productivity perspective, the JP2 increases productivity and tool life by 4 times. This is credit to a TiN coated insert that has an exceptionally strong brazing to withstand the high temperatures during machining.

For the end user, the result is immediately noticed with an insert grade that can meet the highest expectations of the demanding aerospace sector. The JP2 is available in a host of insert sizes and geometries to correspond with existing toolholders from the NTK catalogue. For further details, please contact your local NTK representative on Tel: 01442 281000.

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