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Schunk Offers Quick Jaw Changes Pronto
Schunk Offers Quick Jaw Changes Pronto

Schunk Offers Quick Jaw Changes Pronto

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 27 February 2015

After the successful introduction of the SCHUNK PRONTO quick-change principle one year ago, SCHUNK now presents a complete system program that optimizes the set-up process from the storage of the quick-change set to the jaw change on the machine.When SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems designed the PRONTO quick jaw change system for conventional lathe chucks, the design remit was to lower set-up time of a complete jaw set to 30 seconds. The innovative new product line for screw connected chuck jaws comfortably achieves this, reducing set-up times by 95%. However, the new system takes ease of use and set-up reductions to a whole new level.


SCHUNK PRONTO combines fine-serrated supporting jaws (1/16’’ X 90° or 1.5mm X 60°) with special quick-change inserts and this extends the clamping diameter up to 45mm in seconds. This is eight times more than conventional lathe chucks. To achieve a fast and highly repeatable jaw change, the locking of the changing inserts are loosened with an Allen key. The insert is then removed and replaced with another one. This prevents incorrect positioning. In locked condition, a six-sided form-fit clamping ensures maximum process stability and provides high force and torque transmission. This system is suitable for clamping raw and machined parts.


As required by the application, different supporting jaw variants for small, medium and large clamping ranges are available. For top jaws, the innovative family-owned company is offering hard claw inserts for different diameters and clamping ranges with soft changing inserts for finished part processing.


SCHUNK PRONTO can be used on every fine-serrated lathe chuck in sizes 200, 250 and 315mm and this is independent from the manufacturer. The modular design of the program system allows individual and economical combinations of individual components. A specifically developed tool and gear wagon ensures clean storage and fast access to the claw inserts, soft changing inserts, supporting jaws with mounted screws, T-nuts and adjustment aids. Clearly structured technical data charts simplify the selection and assembly of the individual components. As an added bonus, storage space is integrated in the machine as all the components can be transported on a tray and by using a quick release fastener that can be assembled directly in the machine.

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