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Zoller UK is launching its entry level value-engineered Smile series
Zoller UK is launching its entry level value-engineered Smile series
Zoller UK is launching its entry level value-engineered Smile series

Zoller UK is launching its entry level value-engineered Smile series

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 12 November 2013

For anyone still labouring under the misapprehension that Zoller presetting technology is beyond the budget of small and medium sized manufacturing companies, Zoller UK is launching its entry level, value-engineered Smile series. With a price tag circa 30% less than the Zoller Venturion, the Smile is targeted directly at subcontract component manufacturers that appreciate the enormous benefits offered by presetting but lack the budget of an OEM.

For more than 60 years, Zoller has developed innovative tool presetters and software to measure, inspect and manage cutting tools of all kinds. The emphasis has always been on precision, productivity and ease-of-use, and this remains so with the new Smile series. Despite their attractive price, Zoller Smile presetters share rigid build quality, Heidenhain glass scales, THK linear guidance systems and exactly the same Zoller Pilot software as other models in the range. Indeed, the only discernable difference relates to the spindle. Whereas a Zoller Venturion features single point contact, the Smile series deploys an ISO 50 high precision spindle with integrated calibration edges that utilises adaptors to match customer requirements.

Robust design

All basic elements of Zoller Smile tool presetter and measuring machines are developed and designed in-house and manufactured in Germany. Only renowned, name-brand components noted for their precision, reliability and durability are specified.

The Smile series offers considerable benefits to users. For example, based on three machine tools, the system can save subcontractors up to £15,000 over the course of a year. This is not only due to a 10-20% boost in productivity afforded by the fast and accurate off-machine presetting, but also by the advanced Zoller image processing technology that eliminates the need for trial cuts. Experience shows that an inherent level of trust results from the use of Zoller presetting technology, allowing manufacturers to move straight to production without the need for preparatory cutting trials. Ultimately, because tools are preset and measured before use, there is less waste and fewer machine crashes, resulting in greater efficiency and profit.

Precise, fast and simple

Whether the Zoller Smile is used as a universal tool presetter and measuring machine for an entire production facility, or is dedicated to an individual machine tool, the automatic tool cutting edge detection and Pilot software makes presetting and measuring tools precise, fast and simple. What’s more, the machines have been developed to withstand shop floor conditions owing to the use of special alloys and a thermally optimised design.

Smile series machines can be supplied in either manual or automatic configuration. Clearly, investment in CNC control of the axes pays for itself with reliable measuring sequences, depending on the extent of presetting. However, even manual models offer advanced functionality such as true auto-focus capability. This differs to many competitor ‘auto-focus’ claims whereby the operator still has to move the machine table until a progress bar changes from red to green, thus indicating focus – hardly automatic!

Available in up to seven able measuring ranges, the Zoller Smile series offers a Z-axis measuring range between 400 and 800mm, X-axis measuring range between 130 and 300mm, and diameters ranging from 260 to 600mm.

Comprehensive software

Zoller Pilot 2.0 is the standard software featuring all the important functions for highly successful tool presetting on a daily basis, where users can add and save adapters and tools. This means that for recurring tools, users simply call them up, the saved sequence and start measuring. Pilot 2.0 is designed for the tool requirements of small to medium batch sizes.

Zoller Pilot 3.0 has a more modular construction whereby users decide what modules are required, allowing extra features to be retrofitted at any time. Pilot 3.0 also provides users with comprehensive tool management, which can be extended as necessary.

Multiple options

A highly flexible system, the Zoller Smile series is also available in configurations that accommodate Schunk Tribos toolholding systems, and another that features an integrated shrink-fit device with an induction coil and a water cooling system. Regarding the latter, the Zoller Smile/Shrink provides a cost-effective combination machine – its purchase price being far lower than that of two individual machines. Similarly, Zoller Smile/EDM is a further innovative configuration that allows toolmakers to measure electrodes before they get used in erosion machines. A detailed overview of electrode measuring results with tolerance check can be performed in less than 60 seconds.

Ultimately, the new Zoller Smile series is a reflection of genuine value engineering. True to the motto: only as much technology as necessary for the highest quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.

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