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Swarf is 'Bricking it' thanks to LUBRISERV

Swarf is 'Bricking it' thanks to LUBRISERV

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 06 July 2015

Swarf handling and processing can undoubtedly be a time consuming and costly part of the manufacturing process.....until now. Lubriservs’ new briquette presses can process anything from 50Kg/hr to over 800Kg/hr with a relatively rapid payback period for the end user.

 An investment in a briquetting press is relatively high, so a special study from case to case is recommended. However, manufacturers processing non-ferrous metals have the quickest payback, so it is well worth considering if you have a significant amount of aluminium, copper, brass, bronze or lead. 

By converting low density chips to a solid briquette, the disposal company benefits from a better melting economy, less burn-off loss and simpler chip handling. What this means for the manufacturer is a reduced disposal cost and reduced storage demands for the machine shop waste.

Lubriserv have briquette systems for capacities up to 800 kg/hour for steel swarf and 500kg/ hour for aluminium swarf. The compacting pressure can be over 300 bar and the motor power from as low as 4kW up to 50kW. For briquetting of metal swarf from the machining process, the swarf must be short chips and have a rigidity of max 300 HB. 

If manufacturers have stringy, tangled swarf or it contains solids or bar ends it may require pre processing prior to the briquette conveyor/separator, shredding or crushing  process. 

The briquette is processed by hydraulic briquetting with a controlled briquette length. What all this means for the end user is additional revenue of briquettes against loose swarf,  a low residual moisture content of < 3% and reduced freight costs with a volume that can be reduced to as little as 1/10. Furthermore, storage and disposal expenditures are substantial reduced as are fire and explosion risks.


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