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Weld on-the-fly with TRUMPF's PFO 3D

Weld on-the-fly with TRUMPF's PFO 3D

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 18 July 2013

Ultra-fast laser welding without having to move the focusing optics or the workpiece is easy with the TRUMPF Programmable Focussing Optics System PFO 3D.   Its connection to a robot allows workpieces to be welded on-the-fly in just a few seconds.  

Now this popular system has been enhanced by the inclusion of CalibrationLine, a function that calibrates the exact position of the focal point and the power of the laser beam at the workpiece. This results in considerably improved repeatability and increased process safety.  

CalibrationLine complements the TRUMPF Mirror Stabilization Programme (MSP) that measures and adjusts mirror positions independent of temperature and humidity.  Together they help to ensure the very highest precision is achieved.

The work area of the latest generation PFO 3D has also been increased.  The maximum size is now 695mm x 1080mm in elliptical form with a Z-stroke of up to ±475mm.  

In order to provide enhanced programming and application features, such as wobble welding, the system has been upgraded with highly dynamic electronics.  Maximum laser performance has also been extended to 8kW.

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