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Autodesk FeatureCAM 2018 update from MTDCNC

Autodesk FeatureCAM 2018 update from MTDCNC

Added to MTDCNC by AUTODESK on 03 May 2017

On a recent visit to Autodesk in Birmingham, Sanja Thakore, the Product Marketing Manager at Autodesk gave MTD an insight to the latest version of FeatureCAM. 

Talking us through the latest developments and what the core features are for users, Mr Thakore said: "We've made some significant improvements to the user interface as well as a list of new features. The most notable change for users is the implementation of a new ribbon, which will enhance the look and feel of the software. So, rather than having a static tool bar with icons, users will see icons and accompanying text and dynamic help, giving complete visibility and insight into the function they are about to click on."

Referring to the 'dynamic' aspect, Mr Thakore confirms: "When the user hovers their mouse over an icon within the ribbon, they will get a pop-out that will be rich with text to give more insight bon what that particular piece of functionality is for. The ribbon has been categorised within the ribbon, so users can see like for like features with a similar grouping to really simplify and speed up programming. All this has been devised from analysis we did with existing users. We also have in-product analytics so we can see how users continually interact with FeatureCAM. This will help us to continually improve the software from a customer usage perspective. "

"This ribbon feature is completely customisable for the user, so the end user can create their preferred operating environment. In addition, we have a bunch of new features."

Referring to the new developments, Mr Thakore reveals: "We now have the ability to automatically calculate an optimal angle for parallel finishing. This helps user to create optimal tool paths even faster than before. When working in 3+2 positional 5-axis machining we have automatic orientation. The software has the ability to determine from the machine axes limits whether the machine is working in a standard or alternate position. This will help to verify if programs are correct before the program is sent to the machine."

Other new developments include enhancements for Swiss Type turning centres with double ended drilling configurations being applied to the software. This provides synchronisation for end users to reduce cycle time and improve productivity. Other new developments include the inclusion of Partmaker within FeatureCAM ultimate. There are also additions to Partmaker 2018. One development is the integration of Swiss Type lathes with laser cutting capability. The new package has a host of new developments including the change to a subscription purchasing system. For further details, please contact Autodesk...

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