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Machine-tool companies describe benefits of partnering with Delcam
Machine-tool companies describe benefits of partnering with Delcam

Machine-tool companies describe benefits of partnering with Delcam

The latest video on Delcam.tv features representatives of leading international machine-tool builders, including Huron, CMS, FTP and Fidia, talking at EMO 2015 about the benefits to customers of their partnerships with Delcam.  To hear their comments, go to www.delcam.tv/partners-emo2015

Equally, Delcam values its close relationships with machine-tool manufacturers, believing them to be an essential part of the company’s service to its customers.  Every year, Delcam staff reinforce those relationships at a variety of exhibitions, seminars and open houses.

The importance of these partnerships can be seen most clearly whenever the machine-tool companies release new machine designs.  Delcam cooperates with all the major manufacturers to ensure that suitable post-processing software can be developed for any new machines so that customers can see their investment in new equipment producing parts as quickly as possible.

The first example in the video shows a model car being machined on a five-axis Huron machine programmed with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM software for five-axis and high-speed machining.  The system is praised for the variety of toolpath strategies that are offered for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, and for the ability to control the position of the tool and so ensure a good surface finish.

Giulio Gasparini from CMS highlighted the importance of the day-to-day cooperation between Delcam and his company.  This helps CMS customers by enabling them to improve the performance of their machines and so make their lives easier.  Delcam also works with CMS staff when they need help to test their machines and when they are developing special applications for customers.  One current project between the two companies is a new and innovative method for pocket machining aimed at reducing the weight of aluminium skins for aircraft.

Improving the performance of the machine was also emphasised by Gianprimo Squizzato from FPT Industries, who cited an example of a steel injection mould being cut on the stand.  ‘The machine is only one of the important things that need to be considered,’ he explained. ‘The CAM, the NC control, the tools must be chosen together to give the performance that the customer must have.’  

‘We have had great support from Delcam for many years,’ he added.  ‘The service is one of the key points, together with the performance of the software.’

‘Many of our best customers use our machines programmed with Delcam software,’ said Rudolfo Piliego, from FIDIA.  ‘Recently, our partnership has been enhanced by a technical agreement that means that users of Delcam software and FIDIA’s Vi-Mill software can transfer information from the programming office down to the machine more easily.’

Published on MTD CNC by AUTODESK on 11 February 2016

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