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Wheel rim milled on a Chiron MILL 800 five axis
Wheel rim milled on a Chiron MILL 800 five axis

Wheel rim milled on a Chiron MILL 800 five axis

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 07 August 2015

Providing turning, 2D, 3D, HSM and 5-axis strategies all within one user interface, is a what makes hyperMILL the most comprehensive CAM solution on the market. Moreover, hyperMILL is the leading CAM solution that is ideally geared to utilising all these key strategies to efficiently machining wheel rims.
A range of add-on options are available to hyperMILL customers for adapting machining jobs to individual requirements that can optimise processes and reduce machine running times.

In the case of wheel rim machining, hyperMILL's swarf cutting strategy ensures that convex side surfaces are machined using tangential swarf cutting with point contact. Compared to line cutting with ball mills, the milling conditions are superior and a better surface quality is achieved.

Additionally, hyperMILL has a 'roughing of any stock' strategy. With this stock tracking, the only areas that are milled are where there is material still to be removed. Hence the strategy is also suitable for rest machining. This drastically reduces cycle times and 'air cutting'.

Adding to this variety of strategies is OPEN MIND's Equidistant Roughing feature. This delivers a range of roughing strategies to adapt the machining job to the given requirements. This enables many different types of surfaces to be produced. One particular hyperMILL customer combined these strategies on a Chiron MILL 800 5-axis machining centre to reduce programming time by a whopping 75% whereas cycle times on the high end machine tool were cut by over 80%.

Machining at spindle speeds up to 20,000rpm, the 19inch diameter aluminium billet was rapidly machined as a set of prototype wheels for an automotive OEM with the completed wheels used on a prototype vehicle at a global automotive exhibition. Compared to previous CAM packages, hyperMILL not only drastically reduced programming and cycle times, it also improved component quality and surface finishes.

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