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Delcam customer named Mold Builder of the Year by AMBA

Delcam customer named Mold Builder of the Year by AMBA

Added to MTDCNC by AUTODESK on 19 June 2014

Delcam is pleased to congratulate customer Don Snow, Operations Manager at CS Tool Engineering, Inc., on being named the 2014 Mold Builder of the Year by the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA).  CS Tool Engineering, based in Cedar Springs, MI, has been using Delcam’s PowerSHAPE CAD software, PowerMILL CAM system and PowerINSPECT inspection software for more than ten years.

Mr. Snow received his award during the AMBA’s Annual Conference, which was held in Milwaukee, WI, from 14th to 16th May.  The award, sponsored by Progressive Components, included a $5,000 endowment for continuing education in moldmaking, to be presented to the educational institution of the recipient’s choice.

During the awards ceremony, Mr. Snow was recognized for his long-term commitment to the industry, to the AMBA and to the development of an in-house apprenticeship program, in which he takes an active part in conducting training sessions.  Working with Ferris State University, the Kent Career Technical Center, Grand Rapids Community College and the Whitehall Township Tooling Coalition, Mr. Snow continues to promote the industry and keep the training facilities aware of the need for skilled workers.  He also has worked extensively with the Michigan Economic Development Committee to create more advertising for the tool and die trade on the state’s own website.

Founded in 1967, CS Tool Engineering has always been a company that promotes quality and customer service in everything it designs and manufactures.  CS Tool Engineering specializes in building injection mold tooling primarily for the automotive industry and has a high experience level with automotive interior and exterior trim components.   The company offers full project management from start of concept through textured sample parts, as well as mold flow analysis with Autodesk’s Moldflow software.  

In addition to injection molds, CS Tool Engineering designs and builds large compression forming molds for headliners and package trays.  Within these compression molds, it has developed tool actions and trimming functions that are both mechanical and hydraulic.  

CS Tool Engineering firmly believes in investing in technology.  In the past few years, the company has brought in a new, large six-axis Gundrill, a horizontal machining center for processing smaller mold components, and a new CMM machine with laser scanning technology, and has implemented a new modular workholding system to reduce machine set-up time.  

In an interview following his award, Mr. Snow described the major challenge facing the USA moldmaking industry.  'Looking to the future I see the need to replenish our workforce, not only in the tool-and-die field, but all areas of skilled trades,' he said.  'Any of our machine tools are easy to replace, but it is the employees of any organization that are its lifeblood.  It is important to get the word out on the different careers available for those who like working with their hands and minds.  Too many people launch into expensive schooling without looking ahead to the employment possibilities when they graduate.  Many people don’t know anything about these types of skilled trades because of high school graduation requirements that are designed for the college bound student.  Our youth today are not made aware of these 'industrial arts' because they have been removed from our school’s curriculum and besides who has time to fix things that break living in our throw-away society.  I would only encourage that if you see a child who wonders how things are made or why something stopped working at an early age, buy them some basic tools and let them tear apart some of those broken items.  Chances are that child may be your next toolmaker in the rough that needs a mentor.'

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