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Delcam, SGS and DMG Mori to combine for high-efficiency machining seminar

Delcam, SGS and DMG Mori to combine for high-efficiency machining seminar

Added to MTDCNC by AUTODESK on 23 May 2014

CAM software developer Delcam, cutting tool manufacturer SGS, and machine tool supplier DMG Mori will present two joint seminars on high-efficiency machining at SGS’s recently-opened UK headquarters in Wokingham, near Reading, on Wednesday 2nd July.  Morning and afternoon sessions will be presented during which the three companies will describe their latest developments to increase machine-tool productivity.  Each set of presentations will followed by live demonstrations of Delcam’s award-winning Vortex high-efficiency area-clearance strategy on DMG Mori machine tools using SGS cutters.


The Vortex strategy, which was recently announced to be the Best CADCAM or Control System at the MWP Awards, offers substantial time savings by allowing deeper cuts to be made using the full flute length of solid carbide tools as the cutting surface.  A series of trials run by Delcam, on different machine tools within its Advanced Manufacturing Facility fitted with SGS tooling, has shown that time savings of up to 70% are possible with the new strategy.


Unlike other high-speed roughing techniques that aim to maintain a constant theoretical metal-removal rate, the Vortex strategy produces toolpaths with a controlled engagement angle for the complete operation.  This maintains the optimum cutting conditions for the entire toolpath that would normally be possible only for the straight-line moves.  As a result, the cutting time will be significantly shorter, while cutting will be undertaken at a more consistent volume-removal rate and feed rate, so protecting the cutter and the machine.


Because Vortex toolpaths have a controlled engagement angle, tools should never be overloaded and so will achieve the maximum tool life.  Shock loading caused by changes in the contact angle is minimised, preventing chipping of the flutes.  In addition, the stability of the cutting conditions gives more consistent edge temperatures, so prolonging the life of the tool coating and removing heat damage to the surface of the part.  Finally, the ability to use stepdowns of three, or even more, times the tool diameter spreads the tool wear evenly over the cutting surface of the tool, again contributing to longer tool life.


Brand names such as Z-Carb, S-Carb, V-Carb, Multi-Carb have made SGS synonymous with high performance tooling in the machining and metalworking industry.  The company is a leading manufacturer of solid carbide tools for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, mould and die, and power generation.  Many SGS tools are designed specifically to achieve the highest possible metal removal rates so they allow users to gain the maximum benefit from the Vortex strategy.


DMG Mori is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machine tools, with a long history of technical development.  As well as leading the way with its own innovations, the company ceaselessly pursues the best technology from its collaborators to provide extra value for its customers by unlocking the full potential of their machine tools.

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