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Delcam’s expanded consultancy services on show at Farnborough Air Show

Delcam’s expanded consultancy services on show at Farnborough Air Show

Delcam Professional Services will promote its expanded range of services for aerospace manufacturers and MRO companies at the Farnborough Air Show to be held from 14th to 20th July.   These services can help both manufacturing and repair companies whenever they need to increase productivity, to reduce lead times or to improve quality and consistency.


Increased demand for the process development and prototype manufacturing services available from Delcam Professional Services has prompted the addition of a Mori Seiki NMV 5000 machine to the range of five-axis machining equipment within its Advanced Manufacturing Facility.  This latest expansion of the equipment at the company’s Birmingham headquarters extends it’s ability to undertake high-speed, high-precision five-axis machining of complex parts.  


The range of support from Delcam Professional Services is mainly intended to help any company whose own engineering resource, whether people or equipment, is needed to maintain its existing operations.  The services provided can vary from supplying extra design, programming and machining resources when the customer’s own staff or equipment are overloaded, through to developing dedicated software to automate existing manufacturing methods or to establishing completely new turn-key processes for the production of novel designs.


Recent developments from Delcam Professional Services include a novel five-axis machining method, programmed with Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system, for the creation of “fir-tree” profiles in components for turbo machinery, and the programming, with Delcam’s unique adaptive machining technology, of a new hybrid machine from Hamuel Maschinenbau for the remanufacturing of high-value metal components, such as turbine blades.


The novel method for the creation of “fir-tree” profiles was developed in partnership with Iruba, a German provider of engineered solutions, and machine-tool manufacturer Hermle.  It allows these complex shapes to be produced on milling machines, such as the Hermle C60 five-axis machining centre, rather than having to use specialist broaching equipment. 


The use of PowerMILL’s advanced machining strategies to program the operation gives a number of benefits, in particular high material removal rates with lower, and more consistent, cutting forces.


The Hamuel hybrid machine combines five technologies in one unit – five-axis CNC milling, laser cladding, robot polishing, inspection and laser marking.  Any of these processes can be combined, as required by the particular project.  The equipment costs only a fraction of the price of a multi-machine repair cell, as well as saving on floor space. 


Using a hybrid machine, it is possible to remove the damaged area of a turbine blade by milling off the worn material and then build the material back up using the cladding technology.  A second machining operation, using high-speed five-axis milling, then produces the final shape, with a smooth transition between the original part and the new material.  Polishing and laser marking can be undertaken to complete the component, if required.  In-cycle part inspection, using Delcam’s adaptive machining software, provides feedback to orientate the parts, assess defects, and ensure accuracy throughout the various stages.


These latest projects continue a trend that has seen Delcam’s CADCAM software used, at some stage, on virtually every major aircraft programme in recent years.  The company’s customers have undertaken projects in all the various areas that go towards producing a successful aircraft, from developing more fuel-efficient engines, to manufacturing airframe components more effectively, and even in designing more comfortable and more attractive interiors.  They have worked on all scales of project, from the manufacture of components for UAVs and helicopters up to the production of engines and airframes for the largest passenger and transport aircraft.


Delcam also supports a large number of MRO operations.  These companies use Delcam systems to enable the fast, efficient repair or replacement of damaged components.  By minimising design and manufacturing times, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, repairs can be completed as quickly as possible, so minimising the time-on-ground of the aircraft.


Published on MTD CNC by AUTODESK on 08 May 2014

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