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OPEN MIND announces next hyperDAYS CAM seminar at DMG Mori
OPEN MIND announces next hyperDAYS CAM seminar at DMG Mori

OPEN MIND announces next hyperDAYS CAM seminar at DMG Mori

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 09 October 2015

If you missed the recent hyperDAYS CAM software seminar that OPEN MIND Technologies did in conjunction with tooling specialist Quickgrind at the Mazak Technical Centre in Worcester, don't worry. The CAM specialists have planned another event at DMG Mori in Coventry on the 21st October. 

Not to be taken lightly, the event that was described as a 'paradigm shift in machine tool strategies' at Mazak, clearly changed the perception of what is possible for attendees. The next seminar at DMG Mori will incorporate technical seminars on specific features within OPEN MIND's hyperMILL 2015 and the latest hyperMILL 2016 Version launched at EMO this month, to demonstrate incomparable productivity benefits. 

The seminar program will highlight the 'revolutionary' new feature from OPEN MIND, which is its new MAXX Machining Strategy. Essentially, the new feature supports the geometry and collision checking of conical barrel cutters, tangential barrel cutters, lens tools and barrel tools that are used to increase the tool step-over rate to improve productivity. This 'next step' in machining strategies is so far ahead of the industry that only a limited number of cutting tool vendors are supporting the production of such tools. In essence, the seminar will demonstrate how cycle times can be reduced by over 90%, regardless of your existing CAM software and strategies. OPEN MIND can deliver these astounding benefits with cutting tools manufactured by Quickgrind. The attendees to this event will be shown how this machining time reduction can be obtained whilst reducing the stress on the machine tool and extending tool life.

At DMG Mori, the scintillating combination of OPEN MIND's MAXX Machining Strategy and Quickgrind special geometry tools will be demonstrated on a DMG Mori NTX 5-axis machine tool. To book your place on the event, please register via the below link: 

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