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Open Mind Gives UK debut to hyperMILL 2014 at MACH
Open Mind Gives UK debut to hyperMILL 2014 at MACH
Open Mind Gives UK debut to hyperMILL 2014 at MACH

Open Mind Gives UK debut to hyperMILL 2014 at MACH

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 28 March 2014

On Stand 5341, OPEN MIND Technologies will be giving its UK exhibition debut to hyperMILL 2014, the latest version of the market leading CAM software. The innovative new package incorporates a host of new features that will simplify and speed up model creation whilst delivering producitvity gains on the shop floor.

In all CAM packages, the end user has to follow a series of steps prior to define parameters prior to generating any actual tool paths. However, hyperMILL 2014 eliminates the laborius process of following options such as ing NCS, milling area, stock model, frame definition and feature mapping. With the unique new 'Start-up' tool in hyperMILL 2014, the end user can the 'Start Actions' tab within the Start-up menu and all the initial steps are created automatically. This new feature enables the customer to start generating tool paths on a new model with just a few simple steps. This feature will save considerable time at the initial start-up stage of each new model. Furthermore, it eradicates what can be a tedious process.

Another new innovation that has been introduced with hyperMILL 2014 is the new 'Deformation Tool' that incorporates two seperate command functions. Firstly, the tool offers 'Deform Entities' that unlike other CAM packages, it doesn't predefine the volume and curves of the model. Giving the user the ability to individually start and end conditions as well as the points and curves of the model; users have significantly more flexibility and the ability to define all conditions. This remarkable flexibility offers unsurpassed time savings during model construction.

The second element of the Deformation Tool is the 'deform volumetric' command. This prevents specific volumes from being defined for projects whereby the operator is working on an initial 2D face with a target face being a curvature. The user can the initial and target face and from this, the design is automatically mapped. The 'deform volumetric' is ideal for specialised applications such as tyres, text and labes to bring 2D elements to a full 3D curved target face. The benefit of this feature is an enormous time saving as well as enhanced functionality during the model construction process.

Added to these two key features, hyperMILL 2014 now incorporates a new 'shop viewer' feature. The delivery of shop viewer is to enable users to view projects created with the new hyperCAD-S package. It enables the user to display toolpaths, tools, zero points, in-feeds and all associated technologies prior to machining. The shop viewer enables customers to measure distances, lengths and other dimensions. Without shop viewer, the customer would only see NC code. The key benefit of shop viewer is the enhanced reliability and security of enabling the customer to fully view programs before 'real' machining. This very quick testing tool permits the user to measure, check and test with the push of a single button. For further information on these features and other additional innovations in hyperMILL 2014, please visit OPEN MIND Technologies at MACH 2014 on Stand 5341.

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