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hyperMILL® pushes modern machine tools to their limits

hyperMILL® pushes modern machine tools to their limits

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 13 November 2012

The CAD/CAM software developer OPEN MIND is presenting a range of methods to speed up NC programming and make machining more efficient at this year's EuroMold Exhibition. OPEN MIND and tool manufacturer EMUGE-FRANKEN will be jointly demonstrating the capabilities of hyperMILL® live on a Hermle C30 between 27th and 30th November 2012 at the trade show in Frankfurt on Stand M06 in Hall 8.0. OPEN MIND will also be offering a sneak peek at hyperMILL® version 2013 and the newly-developed hyperCAD-S® software.

OPEN MIND will offer practical demonstrations on an hourly basis, showing how hyperMILL® can be used effortlessly to complete both standard and specialised tasks at this trade show for the mould and tool making industry. The sample workpiece used for the demonstration mould will be a respirator mask that will be milled on a Hermle C30. The demonstration will showcase the latest hyperMILL® strategies and the features of the EMUGE FRANKEN tools.

Optimal tool use

As part of the current 2012 version, hyperMILL® supports tapered tools for 3D ISO machining. Tapered tools offer more stability, reduce tool vibrations and improve surface finishes. For turning operations, hyperMILL® functionality has been extended to include inclined grooving. This enables cranked tools to also be used. OPEN MIND will also be revealing the first new features of hyperMILL® 2013 at EuroMold. The market leading software developer has created a number of new in-feed strategies for use with ceramics-based tool inserts when mill/turning. Additionally, the upcoming version will support the use of barrel cutters.

CAD for CAM users

OPEN MIND will also be offering a first look at the company's very own new CAD solution, hyperCAD-S® at EuroMold. This CAD platform is specifically designed to address the requirements of CAM users.

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