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SmartPATH saves CNC run-time positioning and CAD/CAM toolpath prep

SmartPATH saves CNC run-time positioning and CAD/CAM toolpath prep

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 08 October 2012

Desktop Engineering Ltd (DTE), a leading engineering software solutions provider and strategic business partner of ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM), today announced pre-launch details of a new software release, SmartPATH.  ICAM’s SmartPATH is designed to automatically optimise rapid positioning toolpath motions generated by CAD/CAM systems. The software provides savings in terms of both CNC run-time positioning and CAD/CAM toolpath preparation. It is expected to be commercially available early 2013.

Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said: “Within the UK market, we are seeing significant demand for the post-processing solutions that ICAM offer. This particular release offers tangible business benefits that will appeal to many organisations. Optimisation of resource remains a key driver for many of our customers which is why we expect SmartPATH to be a successful addition to the ICAM portfolio of solutions.”

SmartPATH benefits include:

 Reduces CAM programming time and fixture design time;
 Based on actual machine kinematics, SmartPATH ensures efficient, collision-free multi-axis machine toolpaths;
 Allows operators to automatically migrate a part program between CNC machines with different kinematics;
 Reduces manufacturing cycle time and cost by minimising non-productive machine tool motions and positions; and
 Optimises the use of the machine's working envelope.

Rapid positioning motions generated by CAD/CAM software do not take into account machine tool kinematics, workpiece setup and travel limitations and, therefore, place the burden of responsibility for safe and efficient positioning onto the NC programmer.  Rapid positioning toolpaths must often be redeveloped and carefully verified by the NC programmer when migrating programs from one CNC machine to another.

SmartPATH identifies inefficient and unsafe positioning motions and automatically replaces them with minimized collision free safe motions based on the actual machine tool kinematics, physical travel limits, axes positioning rates and the dynamically changing state of the in-process stock.

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