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New high-efficiency milling strategies with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2
New high-efficiency milling strategies with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2
New high-efficiency milling strategies with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2

New high-efficiency milling strategies with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2

Added to MTDCNC by TEBIS UK on 26 May 2016

Up to 60 percent time savings in roughing while simultaneously extending tool service life

Tebis brings new high-efficiency milling strategies to the market with Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2, which will be delivered soon. The new strategies are especially well suited to components with steep cavities and can also be used very effectively for hard materials. They realise their full potential in machining with high-performance cutters (HPC).

In adaptive roughing, the large depth of cut and optimal utilisation of cutting data ensure fast and cost-effective manufacturing at the same time. Optimal service life enables tool costs to be kept low. The path layout is automatically adapted to the geometry without full-width machining. The integrated re-roughing counteracts the formation of larger steps in steep boundary areas: These areas can be machined from bottom to top with a smaller depth of cut.

Tebis is a technology partner

However, the availability of the new milling strategies alone is not enough to fully exploit all the advantages. It is especially important that they be correctly implemented and combined with other strategies if necessary. In light of this, Tebis has performed extensive tests in advance together with tool and machine manufacturers. "The best way to machine a component depends on a wide range of factors", explains Helmut Vergin, Tebis Product Manager. These include the specific geometry, the material and the available tools and machines. Technology parameters such as cutting data and feed rates must be adapted accordingly to the machining."

As a technology partner, Tebis provides advice on how to best implement and combine the new strategies to achieve the best possible results.

About Tebis

Tebis is a software and process provider for the development, design, and manufacturing of models, molding tools, and components, offering consulting, CAD/CAM software, implementation and support from a single source. Working collaboratively and interactively as a true partner, the company applies its solution expertise and innovative technology to optimize the processes.

Backed by many years of experience, Tebis Consulting helps companies optimize their business strategies and processes. Tebis Software has an intuitive user interface that ensures a high level of quality and safety in manufacturing, even of highly complex components. Tebis also provides high-quality support that makes it easy for customers to introduce new technologies and fully exploit the potential of their CAD/CAM software.

Founded in 1984, Tebis is a market and technology leader in the CAD/CAM sector. The company operates globally from Martinsried near Munich and maintains subsidiaries in Germany, other European countries, the United States and East Asia. Tebis process solutions give its customers a sustainable technological and competitive advantage. The company is a well-established partner for over 2,000 customers in high-efficiency design and manufacturing chains, with over 1,000 consulting and implementation projects and nearly 9,000 installed workstations. Creative engineering has been the formula for success for over 30 years at Tebis – the inspiring leader in technology and process innovation in the machining industry.

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