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Optimised CAD/CAM Strategies on Show at Advanced Engineering

Optimised CAD/CAM Strategies on Show at Advanced Engineering

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 15 September 2014

OPEN MIND Technologies will be exhibiting at this year’s Advanced Engineering UK exhibition on Stand E8, which takes place from 11 to 12 November at the Birmingham NEC. On its stand, the developer of CAM/CAD software and postprocessors will present the new 2014.2 version of its hyperMILL® CAM solution including the CAD new solids version of hyperCAD®-S, and the hyperMAXX® high-performance cutting module. The new version offers advanced 5-axis machining strategies and numerous convenient functions to facilitate agile and faster production.

hyperCAD®-S is hyperMILL® ’s own CAD system that was developed specifically to address the requirements of CAM users. The ‘Deformation’ module is a completely new function that has been introduced to hyperCAD®-S. This powerful tool for the targeted deformation of geometries allows component areas to be modified globally and locally. Up to now, this was often only possible using elaborate modelling techniques. Further improvements to hyperCAD®-S include shortcut menus for toolpaths and the option to lock elements so that they cannot be d or edited.

Intelligent 5-axis Strategies –Drilling in Workplanes

5-axis rework machining also offers new functions. When converting from 3-axis toolpaths to 5-axis toolpaths, different tool types such as barrel and woodruff cutters, can now be used. There are also new strategies for adjusting the tool to the machining model. This function can also be used for roughing with hyperMAXX®.

The new 5-axis drilling technique is ‘Drilling in workplanes’. This mode has many benefits and allows the user to define the direction of drilling using workplanes. Relative clearance planes are now used for the different workplanes according to user specifications. A global clearance plane was used in the past. This new and simplified procedure improves safety and has the advantage that it can be used on all machines. For further information on how OPEN MIND can improve your processes and programming, come and see us at the show.

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