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One Hit machining of a spine implant on a Chiron Mill/Turn Centre
One Hit machining of a spine implant on a Chiron Mill/Turn Centre

One Hit machining of a spine implant on a Chiron Mill/Turn Centre

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 14 August 2015

OPEN MIND Technologies and its award winning hyperMILL CAM package  is renowned for its ability to provide turning, 2D, 3D, HSM and full 5-axis milling strategies within one single user interface. 


For the medical industry and in particular manufacturers producing complex parts like spinal implants, the ability of hyperMILL to conduct all the turning and milling steps of a machining job on the same CAM software is invaluable. The millTURN module within hyperMILL is integrated seamlessly, so that stock tracking, collision avoidance and the tool database are available for all job steps, regardless of machine tool.


For one OPEN MIND customer that is heavily imbued in the production of prosthetic implants, hyperMILL has delivered quick and easy programming as well as superb process safety. Manufacturing spinal implants on a Chiron FZ 12KS mill/turn centre, hyperMILL significantly reduced off-machine programming times and on-machine cycle times.


hyperMILL drastically reduced both programming and machining times by implementing strategies such as the Turn Roughing feature. With the Turn Roughing strategy, all slanting structures are included in the straight roughing cycles, something that simplifies the programming of complex components. Furthermore, add-on functions such as tool angle definition, stock trimming and path compensation are available for adapting the machining job to the specific requirements of the end user. For this particular end user, the Turn Roughing strategy reduced programming and the consequent machining times by over 25%.


For this specific OEM medical device manufacturer, the benefit of the Turn Roughing strategy was further enhanced by the Stock Tracking feature. This innovative function within hyperMILL ensures that  after each turning or milling step, the remaining stock is calculated. Thanks to precise machining status feedback for the stock, milling only proceeds in areas where rest material is detected. For a company utilising a machine tool with rapid feed rates of 75m/min and spindle speeds in the region of 24,000rpm that drive a HSK-A50 toolholder, the benefits reduced non-cutting times by over 65%.  These two features within hyperMILL saved this specific OPEN MIND customer over 5 hours in programming times. This impressive saving was overshadowed by the on-machine cycle time reduction of 40%. For a high-end machine tool to reduce cycle times by such a drastic value through almost eliminating 'air-cutting' has proven extremely beneficial to this prosthetic OEM.


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