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 OPEN MIND Shows Why Its On The Podium at Autosport
 OPEN MIND Shows Why Its On The Podium at Autosport
 OPEN MIND Shows Why Its On The Podium at Autosport
 OPEN MIND Shows Why Its On The Podium at Autosport

OPEN MIND Shows Why Its On The Podium at Autosport

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 15 January 2015

As the only CAM vendor exhibiting at the Autosport International 2015, OPEN MIND Technologies demonstrated why it is the Motorsport's first choice solution. Currently working with 8 of the 11 F1 teams and claiming to have parts manufactured with its hyperMILL CAM package in 100% of the F1 starting grid; OPEN MIND's dominant position in F1 market was reiterated at the event.


Commenting upon the successful event, OPEN MIND UK's Mr Ken Baldwin said: ''Our lead generation at the show was outstanding. We already know most of the subcontract manufacturers in the motorsport sector but there are always newcomers setting up their own machine shops and these new business owners sought us out at the show. With a benchmark position and excellent reputation in the motorsport industry, start-up business owners either used hyperMILL in a previous post or have had hyperMILL recommended by their F1 customers.''


''Our dominant position in the demanding motorsport sector is not only down to the technologically advanced features of our CAM package but also our reputation for delivering on service. F1 teams and their suppliers can be extremely demanding with regards to round the clock support - and OPEN MIND is always on hand to ensure the success of our customers.''


On its stand OPEN MIND took the opportunity to promote the latest version of its hyperCAD®-S CAD suite and the new features within the CAD package that has been developed specifically for CAM users.  In hyperCAD®-S, OPEN MIND has developed its own CAD system that is ideally matched to its CAM system hyperMILL®. This CAM-CAD software is specifically designed to address the requirements of NC programmers. hyperCAD®-S provides the hyperMILL® CAM system with a modern and highly user-friendly interface.


To demonstrate the capabilities of hyperMILL, OPEN MIND had programmed an F1 wheel nut that was being machined on the Mazak stand on a mill/turn Integrex i-100 BARTAC-S machine. This demonstration part highlighted hyperMILL's capability to deliver an optimal solution on a mill/turn centre by machining a complex part that required equal measures of turning and milling operations.

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