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OPEN MIND Shows hyperMILL 2015 at Mazak OPEN HOUSE

OPEN MIND Shows hyperMILL 2015 at Mazak OPEN HOUSE

Added to MTDCNC by OPEN MIND on 07 May 2015

At the Mazak Open House event next week (13th to 15th May), OPEN MIND Technologies will be giving the UK marketplace its first opportunity to see the brand new hyperMILL 2015 CAM package being put to the test on a range of Mazak machine tools.

The event hosted by Mazak at its Worcester headquarters is dedicated to the introduction of what Mazak believes is a step-change in machine control and performance with the European launch of its SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY. This system incorporates the new MAZATROL SMOOTHX CNC alongside new machine hardware and servo systems.

This will work in synergy with OPEN MIND's hyperMILL 2015 that will be showcasing a host of new features that include a number of new optimisations, machining strategies and intuitive features that can further exploit the possibilities of modern CNC machines whilst enhancing ease of use. There are five outstanding highlights in the latest package that include new functions for 2D and 5-axis machining. These features can  considerably reduce programming times and enable efficient machining whilst numerous powerful extensions in hyperCAD®-S, the CAD system for CAM users will deliver real added value.

At the event, OPEN MIND will be running a cosmetic demonstration part on a Mazak VTC 530C 3-axis machining centre whilst the new hyperMAXX 5-axis roughing module, advanced pocket machining and the powercut features will all be highlighted on alternate Mazak 5-axis machine tools. This will include 5-axis machining of a steel engine case on a Mazak I630-V6 horizontal machining centre, the cutting of an alloy wheel on a Variaxis I700-T machining centre and the machining of a 2m long shaft on an Integrex E670 HII. This final demonstration piece will incorporate a host of new hyperMILL 2015 features and strategies that will be proven through gear cutting, deep pocket machining, cam and blisk machining - all on one part. This showstopper will demonstrate the capabilities of the Mazak Integrex Series and how its productivity can be optimised through the collaborative support of OPEN MIND's hyperMILL 2015.

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