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Tebis Does a Good Turn

Tebis Does a Good Turn

Added to MTDCNC by TEBIS UK on 27 May 2016

As a trusted partner for structuring and optimising your processes through its innovative CAD/CAM software, Tebis has an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and CAD technologies, postprocessors, virtual machines and training. This guarantees maximum value creation for your everyday model, mould, die and machining needs.

This expertise extends to turning operations with Tebis' extensive options that are available in the turning of contours, grooves and threads as well as face drilling. Customers can program and simulate in a true-to-life manufacturing environment that ensures fully reliable NC programs. End users can also expand their options to combine drilling, turning and milling processes that encompass complete machining solutions for complex components.

The component is passed across the entire manufacturing process and all machining types and it is continually updated. This allows customers to profit from the integrated template technology that can exploit the advantages of a high degree of automation. At the same time, end users can influence the machining at any time. For example, users can interactively generate all traversing movements in single steps. The module is fully integrated in the Job Manager, so NC programming is even more effective. Using the 'Lathe Contour Preparation' add-on to quickly and easily create parametric profile contours, customers can specify dimensions and angles with astounding ease.

With turning strategies for all applications, the Tebis package offers a high degree of process reliability with collision avoidance during programming as well as a high degree of automation with simultaneous flexibility. Using consistent programming using just one application and by managing tools, macros, postprocessors and machines in shared database, ease of use and familiarity is guaranteed. This significantly shortens programming and manufacturing times when manufacturing highly specialised components. For further details on how your turning centres can benefit from Tebis software, please contact us on Tel: 024 7623 6413

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