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Tebis UK Ltd renews membership of Midlands Aerospace Alliance

Tebis UK Ltd renews membership of Midlands Aerospace Alliance

Added to MTDCNC by TEBIS UK on 17 May 2017

Tebis, The CAD/CAM Experts have renewed their membership with the MAA for the year 2017-18.

Jill Brennan, Sales and Marketing Assistant, said. “We are proud to be a member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and look forward to attending events in 2017 with other members of the alliance and to hopefully show companies the benefits that Tebis could bring to their business.

Tebis has capabilities for the Aerospace sector and it can improve aerospace processes throughout the entire CAD/CAM/NC process chain. It enables users to be able to retain control over all computer-supported processes, from all typical 2.5 D machining steps such as drilling and pocket milling, turning and turning/milling as well as the manufacture of large and small parts with a high machining portion. Tebis links the simulated virtual world with reality and vice versa. You can now execute your manufacturing process in a single specialised software environment.

Whether you manufacture moulds, models, structural and turbine parts, fixtures or dies – Tebis lets you simply and quickly prepare your parts for NC programming. Benefit from the high degree of automation in the software in your programming with no compromise inflexibility. Tebis is known for the best dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

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