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Tebis Version 4 is here!
Tebis Version 4 is here!

Tebis Version 4 is here!

Added to MTDCNC by TEBIS UK on 12 December 2015

Tebis have launched their new Version 4.0 software. Tebis – the process provider for the development, design and manufacturing of models, mould tools and components – has further optimised its CAD/CAM software. With this update, customers will not only be able to design processes more efficiently but thanks to the new, user-friendlier user interface, man and machine can interact more intuitively.


Version 4.0 of its CAD/CAM software and the manufacturing-related Tebis Consulting enables Tebis to now deliver even greater process efficiency in the development, design, and manufacturing of models, moulding tools, and components to its customers. The new user interface enables the operator to display and hide menus in the function panel as needed. Work surfaces can be individually customised, stored, and managed. The program also suggests work environments designed for specific applications and users will now receive much more feedback.


The new version also enables the automated and very easy processing of small parts such as coiling and trim steels or inserts. Thanks to the automated process, the often separately provided die surfaces and solid data of the individual parts can be combined to a single precise unit, which then perfectly matches the finished part. The software uses all wall thicknesses and machining actions to calculate a total surface. Contour surfaces and any required resets are also generated automatically. With the standardised process, companies making thousands of small parts every year would enjoy substantial time savings and reduce the risk of errors.


Tebis provides companies with virtual machines so they can utilise their machining centres with no interruption. The parameters for a run time calculation have been added to these virtual machines. Using the maximum speed and acceleration of each axis, the software calculates the run time for every NC program. It also takes into account the maximum processing speed of the controller, the machine macros and the number of NC blocks calculated in advance by the controller. The transparent representation of the entire machining cycle allows companies to better utilise their machines.


With a view to the specific requirements of the design and construction process, Tebis has additionally expanded the new version for reverse engineering. This allows the time required for reverse-engineering surfaces in construction and design quality to be reduced by half. As a result, a digital vehicle model can be transferred at 1:1 scale into a design surface model in 50 hours and for construction quality, this process takes only 25 hours.

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