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Don't just use any tap, use an OSG A Tap!

Don't just use any tap, use an OSG A Tap!

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 16 June 2014

Most tapping issues are caused by unstable chip evacuation. The new A-Tap Series from OSG resolves the time old problem of chip evacuation and is applicable to a wide range of work materials and machining conditions.

The new OSG A-Tap Series facilitates excellent chip evacuation and this reduces processing costs and tool management costs whilst improving thread quality, cycle times and tool life. This new line of all-purpose taps provides unbeatable performance and versatility.

By developing the new A-Tap OSG has incorporated an extremely sharp cutting edge to stabilise swarf shape and size to improve the cutting cycle. Combined with this is a variable helix flute that accelerates the chip evacuation process to enhance productivity times.  To guarantee an extended tool life, OSG has introduced a HSS powder metallurgy process that gives the new line a high level of wear resistance that combines with a proprietary V coating to extend tool life.

The new A-Tap can be applied to high speed tapping on the latest machining centers as well as less powerful and robust old machine tools. Capable of being applied to a wide range of materials, the OSG A-Tap cuts the chip evacuation problems to give customers peace of mind,  knowing they have the absolute best tool for the job in their spindle. The new A-Tap is available in sizes from M1 to M24 with a wide variety of spiral pointed stub length and long shanks that are incorporated in a catalogue that offers over 500 tapping products.

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