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ACT Hits The Spot with 100 Degree Tool

ACT Hits The Spot with 100 Degree Tool

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 12 February 2013

As a recognised innovator and benchmark in the supply of cutting tool solutions, Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) has now developed a 100 degree spotting and chamfering tool for the aerospace industry. The UK aerospace sector widely acknowledges that the industry standard for its rivet and screw heads is 100 degrees, to this end ACT has now launched its latest addition to the Nine9 range of indexable insert tooling to meet the market requirement.

The innovation behind the 100 degree addition to the Nine9 Series originally stems from the production of a 'special tool holder' for an aerospace customer. Following successful sales in both the UK and Europe, this item has now been added to the standard product range, along with 90,120 and 142 degree spotting tools for other drilling applications. All applications utilise the same insert for improved tool inventory for the end user.

With the 100 degree angle not being a standard screw/rivet head dimension in the wider circles of industry, most cutting tool manufacturers will grind specialised cutting tools for the aerospace market. However, ACT is the first cutting tool manufacturer to offer indexable insert cutting tools that are 100 degrees, providing a multitude of benefits for the end user.  In comparison to alternate HSS or solid carbide tooling, the new 100 degree addition to the ACT Nine9 series offers improved speeds and feeds for significantly improved productivity levels. Furthermore, the 100 degree Nine9 inserts improve accuracy and surface finishes, which are of significant importance to the aerospace sector.

The most important aspect to the aerospace industry is the ability to index inserts quickly and efficiently without removing the toolholder from the machine tool. This eradicates time consuming changeovers and set-ups and guarantees positional accuracy is consistently maintained. The 100 degree insert for the Nine9 toolholder is a single sided insert that offers two indexes on the insert. With a positive insert geometry and sharp cutting edges, the Nine9 100 degree tool comfortably processes difficult to machine materials that generate high cutting forces.

Produced from a micro grain carbide substrate with the option of a TiN or Diamond Like Coating, the customer can machine a wide variety of materials from steel, aluminium and cast irons through to titanium, inconels and composite materials that are commonplace in the aerospace sector. The inserts are capable of machining to a depth of 6mm with a 16.5mm diameter for the rivet or screw head.

As for the ACT Nine9 Series toolholder for the 100 degree tool, the robust tool steel holders are manufactured to an optimal length of 100mm with a shank diameter of 20mm. This robust design with a centre screw for strong insert clamping delivers exceptional rigidity and stability when machining difficult to cut materials at high speeds and feeds. Furthermore, the rigidity of the toolholders guarantees a high performance surface finish that is complemented by remarkable concentricity and repeatability.

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