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Better reaming with MAPAL's new compensation chucks

Better reaming with MAPAL's new compensation chucks

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 24 August 2015

In order to eliminate the risk of cumulative errors in multi-bladed reaming systems and to allow consistent machining to tight tolerances, MAPAL has developed a new compensation chuck that offers a convenient and cost-effective solution ideal for lightweight machining applications.


When using multi-bladed reamers with a small tolerance range, the entire system containing the spindle, chuck and tool, must guarantee a perfect radial run-out. This is the only way to ensure compliance with accurate form and position tolerances during the precision machining of bores. 
With conventional arrangements, however, it is possible for the run-out errors of the spindle, chuck and blade to accumulate together, even though the error associated with each component remains within the permissible tolerance range.


MAPAL’s new compensation chuck guards against this accumulation of tolerance

The new chuck, which is based on proven MAPAL hydraulic expansion technology, allows the radial run-out to be set precisely with three adjustment elements. This means that errors in the radial run-out can be corrected quickly and simply corrected using only a hexagon driver. 
The standard adjustment range is up to 10 µm, but this can be extended up to 15 µm if necessary. Wedges in the chuck serve to align the tool and, in turn, this prevents the tool from jamming. The system is self-locking and cannot become loose during fine machining. 


The alignment system is sealed by a fixed ring. As a result, it requires very little maintenance and is not sensitive to dirt, allowing extended tool life to be achieved. Ideal form and position tolerances as well as high vibration damping are the further advantages of the new compensation chuck.

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