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BIG KAISER boring head with built-in smart damper for fast, vibration-free operation
BIG KAISER boring head with built-in smart damper for fast, vibration-free operation

BIG KAISER boring head with built-in smart damper for fast, vibration-free operation

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 10 March 2017

Taking precision holemaking to a new plateau, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now introduced the new SW Smart Damper boring head with a built-in anti-vibration mechanism. Developed by BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, the new rough boring head has been developed to improve productivity and performance for end users.

The new twin-cutting head for rough boring makes it easy to create deep bores in a range of materials such as iron and steel with remarkable speed and without vibration, chatter and the consequent noise. This means that faster machining and higher productivity levels are achieved, thus saving the customer money.

The SW Smart Damper can operate at cutting speeds of up to 200m/min in steel at a length of 8xD without chattering. This is four times faster than the 50m/min maximum chatterless cutting speed attainable without the SW Smart Damper.  BIG KAISER has achieved this breakthrough thanks to a patented construction design that consists of a metal body with special rubber dampers inside. Furthermore, the Smart Damper requires no oil, so maintenance requirement and the risk of oil contaminating the machine tool are minimised. If the bar vibrates, the metal weights or friction dampers will compensate for the vibration by adjusting their position. 

Moreover, the SW Smart Damper can perform two roughing operations without needing to change any components. One configuration is for high speed operation whereby inserts are of the same diameter and length. The second set-up for high stock removal tasks sees the inserts installed with diameter and height offsets. This is made possible by the tool body providing perfectly stable supports for insert holders of varying heights and lengths.

"Our innovative and patented oil-free SW Smart Damper brings unparalleled production speeds to the world of vibration-free boring. This new addition to our already comprehensive family of boring tools will allow our customers to do more in less time, hence increase their production and save money," says Peter Elmer, the CEO at BIG KAISER.

Together with this new SW Smart Damper, BIG KAISER also offers a wide range of smart damper products that each features an integrated damping system to eliminate chatter. These products include a precision EWD boring head with a digital display as well as a whole range of tools for turning, boring and milling tasks. For further details, contact your local ITC representative.

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