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C900 High Feed Drill latest high-performance indexable  drilling system
C900 High Feed Drill latest high-performance indexable  drilling system

C900 High Feed Drill latest high-performance indexable drilling system

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 29 October 2012

WNT (UK)’s latest high-performance indexable insert drilling system, the C900 High Feed Drill with its use of a single style, grade and geometry for the central and peripheral insert. A combination that is not just increasing productivity, but reducing inventory and manufacturing costs as well.

This new concept of indexable insert drill is providing users with a universal, stable, economical platform to produce holes cost-effectively. By making use of just one insert design, one grade of carbide and one geometry, WNT (UK) is helping to drive down manufacturing costs without impacting on productivity. Each insert has up to four cutting edges and is manufactured from the CCN 1430 grade, with a PVD coating, which provides the optimum combination of toughness and wear resistance required for the drilling process.

By limiting the C900 High Feed Drill to a single insert style WNT is reducing inventory costs, eliminating any possible operator confusion, while at the same time creating a drill capable of producing holes at up to 5x diameter. The design of the drill body also plays an important role in process stability and the flutes of the C900 High Feed Drill are designed to work in conjunction with the insert geometry to give maximum chip flow. Cutter life is also extended by use of WNT’s Highlight coating, which protects the drill body from abrasion.

Available as standard in either 3, 4 or 5x diameter drill depth configurations, with diameters ranging from 19 mm through to 36 mm in 1 mm increments, the C900 High Feed Drills can be used to drill holes in uneven, inclined, and convex surfaces and can handle cross holes, welded seams, and chain drilling operations.

“The C900 High Feed Drill is typical of the tooling developments that WNT introduces, as we are always looking at ways of simplifying processes for our customers, improving productivity and reducing their costs, with C900 we achieve all of this in a single tool,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). 

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