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Complete Flexibility from Turner Tools

Complete Flexibility from Turner Tools

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 13 July 2015

Turner Tools has now extended its remarkable line-up of cutting tool products with the addition of the new Seco-Capto flexible and modular tool-holder system. This impressive new system enables the same tool-holder to be used in different machines and it gives the possibility to build tools with extension adaptors.

The benefits from the new Seco-Capto system from Turner Tools is the high torque transmission, high rigidity and accuracy with a strong, self centring joint that holds a tolerance of 2 microns. Integrated tools with Seco-Capto back ends are available both in stationary and rotating tools from Turner Tools. 

The flexibility of the system is astounding, as its applicable to stationary tools for turning, boring, threading and grooving applications as well as rotating tools for face milling, squares shoulder and slot milling applications that include helical milling cutters and Perfomax indexible insert drills.

Furthermore, Turner Tools can now provide the complete range of holders and boring bars for tapered threads. This includes the Seco-Capto tool-holders for Snap-Tap inserts size 27. The new holders are in size C5 and give the opportunity to use the 27-size Snap-Tap inserts together with Seco-Capto C5. The added Seco-Capto holders are available for both external and internal applications.

Additionally, Seco also introduces a new range boring bars for tapered threads through Turner Tools. The new holders are provided in 63mm diameter and are available for Snap-Tap inserts in size 22 and 27. The tapered boring bars give maximum rigidity when producing API-threads or similar.

All holders are designed with the Seco HD clamping system. The most stable and rigid clamping system on the market. All this and much more is now available in the new Seco-Capto tool holding catalogue that is available through Turner Tools.

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