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CEC Steps Forward With New Drills
CEC Steps Forward With New Drills

CEC Steps Forward With New Drills

Added to MTDCNC by Cutting Edge Carbide on 10 June 2014

Cutting Edge Carbide (CEC) has now launched its new range of solid carbide step drills to reduce cycle times, set-ups, tool inventory and required tool positions in a machine tool. Manufactured in the UK, CEC can produce drills to correspond to component or tool drawings.

For special applications, the CEC website provides an enquiry form that enables end users to develop their own drill dimensions from a pre-prepared specification sheet. The specification sheet and the expertise of the R&D team at CEC are combined to ensure the end user receives a drilling line that offers productivity, tool life and capability that is far beyond that from alternate vendors. Furthermore, as the drills are produced in the UK, CEC can manufacture and deliver the drills with astounding lead times.

The customer can design their desired step or multi-step drills by completing an on-line form that offers parameters such as overall drill length, flute length, step length and large and small drilling diameters. Making these new multi-step drills truly unique to the individual customer requirements, CEC can also provide parameters such as desired point angle, through coolant supply, helix angle, shank type, included angle on the large diameter and even coated or uncoated for specific material requirements.

Manufactured from a high quality solid carbide composition, the new step drills are individually designed to maximise productivity, tool life, hole quality and surface finish whilst reducing set-up times for the customer.


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