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Cutting tools suppliers see growth in sales

Cutting tools suppliers see growth in sales

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 15 May 2012

Suppliers of cutting tools have seen a real growth in sales over the last two years with recorded order amounts matching figures not seen since 2008, where growth was in it's 15th successive year.

It was not that long ago that this industry suffered a significant fall in sales but it is clearly aiming to restart this trend with the positive developments currently taking place.

So what are the reasons for this growth in sales? It seems as though this industry is particularly benefiting from technical trends such as lightweight vehicle and aircraft design and energy efficient motors. Exports overseas are also seeing a considerable increase, particularly German companies who are investing much more heavily in this area.

Manufacturers of cutting tools are further benefiting from the trend for new fuel-efficient technology for the latest vehicles, which obviously requires the use of new tools in production.

Furthermore, the trend for lightweight design in the aerospace and electric mobility sector continues, bringing with it the need for a variety of materials to be used such as metal and titan. These metals in turn need to be processed, which is where the tool cutting suppliers step in.

Among the most successful of tool cutting manufacturers is Germany who are in many cases leading the market in this field. In Brazil also however an increasing number of tool cutting companies, particularly in the automotive industry have set up operations to meet growing local demand. With their vast natural resources, this country has witnessed a consistent growth within the aircraft and oil-related businesses and therefore the demand for cutting tools is increasing each year.

Indonesia has also been lucky enough to witness this boom, particularly within the area of motorisation, which is boosting demand for cutting tools. Similarly the aircraft industry has flourished resulting in increased engine part production and other industrial products and as these expand so to does the demand for cutting tools.

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