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Exotic and heat resistant turning, new chipbreaker from Sumitomo
Exotic and heat resistant turning, new chipbreaker from Sumitomo

Exotic and heat resistant turning, new chipbreaker from Sumitomo

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 31 July 2013

Extending its highly successful, programme of high performance  carbide turning inserts,  Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has released two newly developed chipbreaker styles of NEG and NEF for turning exotic and heat resisting alloys, titanium and stainless steels.

Inconel 718 components machined using the NEG style chipbreaker resulted in tool life being increased by 300 per cent over the existing tool supplier while a finishing insert with the NEF style produced such good surface finish that final polishing operations were eliminated on the component.

The NEG chipbreaker insert can be used for roughing and general turning giving excellent wear resistance and reduced crater wear.  It has a special design of rake face having a 0.09 mm land and 30 deg rake angle which also enhances the resistance to flank wear and helps to reduce the effect of insert cratering.  The special rake face also aids the management of chip flow in conjunction with a series of raised round bumps strategically positioned on the top surface of the insert.

In the recent extended life trials the NEG chipbreaker was used to turn and face an Inconel 718 component and run with coolant at 50 m/min with 1.5 mm depth of cut and a feed per rev of 0.3 mm.  On another wet machining trial on TI grade pure titanium at 80 m/min and 100 m/min with a 1 mm depth of cut at 0.25 mm/rev, tool life was improved by 150 per cent.

Meanwhile, the sharp edge and 20 deg rake angle of the NEF chipbreaker insert, which improves chip control even at small depths of cut, is able to reduce the size of the chip curl and in conjunction with grooves created on the rake face, reduces the active build up of heat in the component.

When boring Duplex stainless steel using coolant, the NEF chip breaker was run at 55 m/min with 0.3 mm depth of cut and feed rate of 0.12 mm/rev.  At this speed any surface marking was suppressed and entanglement of chips was prevented.

When turning an Inconel 718 shaft, surface marking was also eliminated allowing an additional saving by eliminating a final surface polishing operation.  The insert was run at 45 mm/min with a 0.25 depth of cut and 0.1 mm/rev feed.

When Sumitomo’s ACE COAT AC630 inserts are combined with the Super ZX multi-layered nano TiAiN and AlCrN coated AC510U/AC520U series, having a surface hardness approaching that of cubic boron nitride (CBN) and the latest NEG and NEF chipbreaker developments, users will find the inserts will demonstrate ultra-high levels of versatility whilst maintaining excellent levels of chip management.

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